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Tyra Banks on Resumes that Rock

Wow the pantsuit right off of your potential new boss.

resume2psd.jpgJust like a sweet smile, or a strategic foundation garment, a good resume can open doors. Here are five ways to make your resume rock, including advice on how to jazz up your job hunt with online and video resumes. You’ll be workin’ 9 to 5 in no time!

Sell Yourself
Think of your resume like makeup: It’s supposed to accentuate your natural gifts. So don’t just say you scooped ice cream last summer. Instead, point out that you have valuable customer service experience and problem-solving skills.

Age is Just a Number
A number that doesn’t need to be on your resume, that is! And neither does your social security number, gender, race or graduation dates. Remember, a quality company should be hiring you — not a bunch of digits. For other resume don’ts for first-time job hunters, check out Princeton University’s career office.

Mix and Match
Just like good accessories, your resume should coordinate with the job you’re seeking. So switch things up depending on who you’re sending it to. While it might be great to list your singing experience for an internship at a theater company, that skill might come across as unprofessional for a job at a buttoned-up bank.

Looks Count!

Make sure your resume looks perfectly professional — elegant on the page and free from any spelling or grammar errors. That means checking and double checking — and then asking a friend or teacher to proofread it. Then checking it again because there’s nothing more embarrassing than a spellinggggg mistakeeee on your resumeeee!

To see if your resume passes muster, check out the monster.com resume critique sheet.

Go High Tech
One surefire way to jazz up your job hunt is with online and video resumes. For some bosses, these digital resumes make sense. What better way to show off your wicked web skills or your awesome on-camera confidence? But for more traditional companies, too many techie trappings can seem tacky. So put on your thinking cap and proceed with caution. Happy job hunting!