Personal Career Marketing

Today what happens is we sit down at our computer and start to look for jobs or maybe we read through the Sunday paper. We might go to a job board like Careerbuilder or a Monster to get a job.

Today there are all sorts of employment sites but most of them are too “exclusive. ” The sites can simply lump you into the general groups not allowing your resume to stand out. Employers and HR departments. Are willing to pay database companies to find the best recruits, but they also utilize search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, etc. This is where leads the pack. Simply by entering the type of job they are looking to fill and the location, companies will be taken directly to your resume when they use the Search Engines.

There should be another way and if we start looking at our selves as a real asset we would take the time to build our reputation in this world through our achievements.

This is where the original idea of a CV “Curriculum vitae ” or Resume as most people know it came from!

Search Engine Marketing this is the answer People want to find a qualified candidate in a specific location and distinct industry. You build your resume site. I do some SEO (Search Engine Opetimization) work on your site and within weeks your resume will be found in searches on Yahoo, Google, MSN and many more. Recruiter and employers use the search engines in addition to the employment sites. “NOW YOU WILL BE FOUND!”

When you are ready to get the Career you deserve. Instead of the job you might get. If you are lucky enough to stick out. Have a resume with